Monday, April 13, 2009

Woke up this morning for a brief tour of the City of Cork, the Irish little Venice with its many islands and then on to Cobh (pronouced COVE, formerly known as Queenstown) It was at this location that the Titanic made its last stop before its fateful voyage across the Atlantic. A walk around the port followed by an incredibly informative visit to the Queenstown Museum where there were many exhibits regarding the Titanic, the Lusitania and many other White Star Line Ships. Sean even found his great grandfather's name on the wall. His great grandfather boarded the Titanic from this port. After leaving Cobh, we went on to the Famous Blarney Castle....Even though some did not need it, most of the travellers kissed the stone for the gift of eloquence (otherwise known as the gift of gab), after a walk around the beautiful grounds we were off to a lunch on our own and a shopping fix.....Great shopping here. Then on the bus bound for Killarney....checked into our Bed and Breakfast and all geared up for a trip around the Ring of Kerry tomorrow.


  1. Loved the photos!!! How can you go to Ireland and not kiss the Blarney Stone?!?! You will love the Ring of Kerry!!!

  2. hi guys!!
    glad to see that you are having fun! great pictures. keep them coming.
    i miss you mom and dad.
    have fun tomorrow


  3. Thanks for the great pictures. It made our Easter bearable.!!! Everyone was given the blogspot and we all enjoyed all the pictures and comments. Have fun we miss you.!!!! The O'Mara Family.

  4. Hey Sean its ilmar,

    i havent seen "no enrique, not yet" on the bottom of these posts. does that mean there is someone?

    Also tell everyone i said hi and that i despise them, but say it with love.

    Great pics!