Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dublin to Cork - EASTER SUNDAY

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
After an impromptu party last night in the boy's apartment.........

Woke up this morning to a beautiful, crisp Irish morning. A quick breakfast and then en route to the Irish National Stud Farm. It is at "the stud" where they breed the most expensive race horses in the world. We saw one stud horse that the farm was offered $65,000,000.00 for and they turned them down!!! The grounds were beautiful with an incredible japanese garden.

After "the stud" we boarded the bus again and left for Easter Mass, at noon, at the Black Abbey Chrurch in Kilkenny. A beautiful service. We left the church and walked back into town for lunch. After we had lunch, we walked up to Kilkenny Castle where we did some sightseeing (everywhere you look there are great Irish names on the buildings) and met the coach bus for our 2 hour trip to Cork.

We arrived in Cork at our hilltop hotel...The Montenotte, with beautiful view of the city of Cork.

More about today, soon!.......................Stay Tuned!

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