Saturday, April 18, 2009

Northern Ireland

Today we visited a new country "NORTHERN IRELAND".
We left the hotel early and went on our way to Derry, Londonderry County, Northern Ireland. Very exciting to be in a country where we would not be able to enter even 10 years ago.

We really learned a lot about the history of the "troubles".
We then visited St. Columb's cathedral, an incredible cathedral in the center of Derry.
After the cathedral along the wall that surrounds Derry we then visited the tower museum and were given and in depth tour regarding the seige and the peace talks.

On to the Guild Hall in Derry where Liam Neilson began his theatrical career. After that we met the coach for a trip to Glenveagh National Park lies in the heart of the Derryveagh Mountains in the north-west of Co. DonegalGlenveagh National Park lies in the heart of the Derryveagh Mountains in the north-west of Co. Donegal. It was a beutiful vsiit for lunch and some recreation. The grounds were amazing and most of the students had a nice long walk back to the coach along the river Swilly.

Back at the hotel now, an inpromptu performance from our incredible kids with numbers from the Wiz and Godspell, dinner, and a relaxing evening before our exciting visit tomorrow to the Giant's Causeway.


  1. I can not thank you enough for this wonderful blog and all these awesome pictures that you have shared with all of us every day! This trip sounds like it has been a great experience from the moment you left. you have all done so much and seen so many things. Ireland is so beautiful!! and I know everyone has probably learned so much from this experience. what a great way to spend their school vacation: they all learned so much from this and don't even realize it. THANK YOU so much for giving this opportunity to our kids. these memories they have made will last a lifetime.

  2. Wow!!! Another wonderful day!!! Interesting to cross the border and be in another country. Also interesting that they refer to the war as the "troubles". You will all love the Giant Causeway!!! I have never seen anything quite like it!!!

  3. Hope you all have a safe trip home. Sean, thank you again for all the pictures. It was great seeing Ireland. See you back at the school on Monday!!!

  4. I agree with Maria. This has been a wonderful journey, which has given our children beautiful memories. This blog has been a wonderful way of keeping us all in touch. The pictures are fantastic. Each day we could not wait to log on and read about all your great adventures. I cannot thank you enough for giving our children this amazing opportunity. Thank you = Go raibh maith agat!!! Tracy Morrissey

  5. Sean & Margi

    Thanks for the wonderful pic of you & Margi - i loved it. Your last day sounded so great!I'll bet you'll be glad to get home again. I feel as if I am with you?!!

    See you Monday! Monica & Billy